Sports Betting is all about Persistence! And BETinTIPS’s Tipster team proves that we got it!

Last 2 weeks, Single Bet, by far the most successful prediction of BETinTIPS, and the most wanted tip from our hundreds of customers all over the world, was validated 11 times, always with an odd around 2.00.

So, in 14 days, we have total win of 937€, while our bet was 560€ (40€/day). Net Profit: 377€!!!

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Football betting should always be guided by the following basic principles: Constraint on one’s budget and proper management of funds. You can read our Strategy on how to win in the long run!

UPDATE 24/07

Single Bet’s prediction (Both teams to score) validated from 25th minute of game!

UPDATE 25/07

Single Bet’s prediction (Number of goals: 2-3) validated once again!

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